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Guest Sherry GrandChild

you know what thats my grandfathers funeral. watch what you say on a public forum. if you dont know what he did for this town then get out. that was a completely uncalled for remark. and so what if politicians came to his funeral that shows what a great man can do. if you knew him you were a friend and most people who didnt know him knew what kind of man he was anyway.

im very thankful and proud of the kearny police department for the respect and patience they showed in the honor guard for him.

and i just want to add im very appaulled that, that kind of comment was made. he wasnt the type of man that would make that comment about any and im very hurt by it. who ever wrote should make an apology either on this board or to my grandmother Barbara Sherry herself, although they are probably to chicken and disrespectful to do so being they made such a cowardly remark

Thank you

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Guest Guest

I don't even know who Mr. Sherry was but that was a rude comment. They mayor probably went because he was a friend. The Sherry GrandChild is right you should apologize in person but being you are a guest you probably dont have the balls to.

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Guest Guest


Your post shows that you LACK THAT which seperates we humans from the lower forms of life.

Dennis was a good man. That is a concept which I doubt you'd understand.

To the Sherry family,

All I can say is I'm sorry for your lose.

To Insider,

You should say somthing like this. I'm sorry kid some times we adults get blinded by our silly feelings and type before we think.


A Paddy

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