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Red Bulls Bad Neighbors / Mayor Fife Nauseating Comments

Guest Bergen St Resident

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Guest Bergen St Resident

Mayor Fife says Red Bulls were a plus for Harrison. The Red Bulls have appealed the decision of a Tax Judge and Appellate Court to the Supreme Court and Mayor Fife who was on the redevelopment board that didn't think enough about putting in a clause that made it clear the Red Bulls had to pay taxes, like the rest of us poor folk, now says they are good for the town. Keep those **** tickets coming and the *** of ***** directly to the Mayor, Red Bulls.

If the Supreme Court reverses the Tax Court and Appellate Division my taxes will go up significantly because the town will have to pay all the money back to the billionaire Red Bulls.

I'm tired of being a hostage in my own home when I can't get out for fear of grid lock. For what a company called Red Bulls that sells a drink that has been banned in Europe in its original formula and a team that doesn't care about being a good citizen and paying it's fair share of property taxes.

Mayor Fife you lost all my respect grabling to the Red Bulls. Tell the truth, we don't need them in Harrison they are a terrible neighbor causing grid lock and refusing to pay their taxes.

Here is the article. Mayor Fife's comments about the Red Bulls are nauseating. The Former Chairman of the Redevelopment Agency, no wonder we forgot to put the clause about Red Bulls pay taxes like us poor residents do... Mayor Fife was too busy brown nosing them for **** tickets.

Mayor Fife doesn't know that his comments help the Red Bulls in their argument against the town claiming they should pay taxes. Mayor so all the new apartments are going up because there is a Red Bulls stadium causing grid lock every game OR is it because people have finally figured out that Harrison is 30 minutes via the Path to NYC.

Red Bulls drop your Supreme Court appeal and be a good neighbor and pay your taxes. It's a drop in the bucket for you.


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From square one, this "redevelopment" was handled wrong. The Red Bull attorneys were laughing all the way to the bank after contract negotiation with Harrison.

Also a redevelopment of that size needed a Professional Town Planner to insure the development wasn't overbuilt. It's obvious one was not hired. A combination of buildings and green space would have insured a more pleasing appearance. But instead the builders were allowed to build on virtually every square foot of land.

On top of all this, payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT) were agreed to, allowing the developers to avoid taxes for 20 to 30 years.

What do the tax-paying residents get out of all this? 1) ever-increasing taxes, 2) worst roads I've ever seen, 3) horrendous traffic conditions, 4) impossible parking.

I've always been critical of Harrison' elected officials making decisions that require professional people,

such as a Business Administrator, and in the case of the redevelopment, a Professional Town Planner.

But the horse is out of the barn and town residents will have to deal with it.

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