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Guest Miley

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The Harrison Fire Dept. has had a long tradition of telling the Mayor and Council to shove it when the issue of drug testing was raised. Is the new Mayor of Harrison afraid of the fallout of random drug testing of the FIREFIGHTERS? If not, then what's the hold up? The Police have been drug tested for many years. I feel the Fire Dept. that is responsible for the public's lives should be held to the same standard. The trust of the public cannot be taken lightly.

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Guest Concerned Citizen

I am sure that employees such as Firefighters in Harrison are randomly drug tested on a consistent basis. They show their accountability by deterrents such as drug testing. Professional Firefighter careers are coveted as a calling with great responsibility. I would be shocked if they are not willingly lining up to be tested. Are Firefighters, and all town employees for that matter, NOT being randomly drug tested? If so, what positions and why not?

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