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** Argyle Place once a model home now a boarded up eyesore


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A once beautiful home that was well taken care of by Quality People is now a boarded up eyesore that is an example of where Kearny is headed. Good People are leaving this town and the property taxes are so high in Kearny young people won't buy as they see that the school system is a mess, Town services have been reduced while property taxes have gone up every year Mayor Santos has been in office. More and More quality people are leaving Kearny and this isn't the only eyesore that exists in town.COME ON MAYOR start dealing with these issues because taxpayers deserve better than living next to boarded up homes but you wouldn't know because you don't own a home, if you did and that was next to your house that would be corrected immediately. As for the people who lived in that once beautiful home they were involved in the community and were quality people and were an asset in displaying a positive contribution to Kearny. Like them or not they were a lot better than what's there now an ugly boarded up house that looks like a slum ridden area of Newark!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's time for a change!

Was able to see for myself talked to the person next door what a disgrace this has been like this for years. SHAME ON YOU MAYOR SANTOS, SHAME ON YOU MCCURRIE, and LANDI for allowing this to take place for as long as it has!!!!!

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