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Right or wrong lets stand together as a community and do the right t

Guest No one has to be right

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Guest No one has to be right

It is the holidays.

Some of us have nothing more than our faith to get us through the holidays. I personally would want nothing more than for all my children to come and see me at the same time. To tolerate each other under the same roof where i tolerated them and what ever quirky boyfriend or girlfriend they were hitched to that year? Sometimes it was just friends who wondered over for some relief from what ever dysfunction their own family was enduring that year. My children were never told no when they asked if the could bring some one to my home for Christmas. I never asked if the were christians,Jewish or Atheists all were welcome. To me that was being Christian. Share a meal, some conversation, some laughs and some good times. Now my own children selfishly go their different ways and don't have or want to make time for the old folks or even their siblings. They are too busy counting the wrongs that have been done to them or just busy being right about what words or actions they said or did three Christmases ago. No matter what was said or what I did I hope my children will read this and know its not always about being right some times it takes a hero to step up and do the right thing. The hero could be Christian, jewish Agnostic, atheist it doesn't matter. The true meaning of the holiday is family and making the weak feel stronger and the sad feel happier and the lucky realize they are luck and reach a hand to those less fortunate and not just in wealth. I do not want a singular material thing this holiday season. I just want my family together for just one day so we can enjoy the good in each other and put the differences aside. Just one day if they will i will put up the tree, if they don't want the tree i will leave it in the garage. If some of them want it i will put it in the den and those who don't want it don't have to look at it. They can bring whom they want. Boyfriends girlfriends husbands wives and anyone else! I just want my family under one roof celebrating holidays like we used to just one last time. This is my prayer and I will say it to a any God who will listen. Please think about the families separated from their loved ones and say a prayer that their God, faith, morals or a here will bring them together! Best wishes to all for a happy health holiday season. See if you can be your family's hero!

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