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When the Observer reported Fife was running in the election they also said Doran would be his campaign manager.If he can't run his own campaign in an election involving only a few thousand votes how can he be fit to be mayor? A vote for Fife is in reality a vote for Doran as the defacto mayor.Please don't forget the post on KOTW by Doran taunting (the one about women being thrown out of their apartments) everyone not in his circle.At least Brachman is his own man and an independent thinker,not a puppet like Fife.

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Guest Cross Street

Puppets are the new zombies of old. I will not vote for Fife because he is really Doran. Both of them working together to make a new job description for Doran paying $200,000. My taxes should not go towards these two and their crowd? No way. And their living on my money like Kings...BS.

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