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zerO living in a fantasy world.

Guest 2smart4u

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Guest 2smart4u

O'Reilly and Krauthammer agree, zerO is living in a fantasy world. There's no other explanation for zero's lack of interest in the world blowing up around him. Our border is being invaded by diseased aliens, Russia is shooting airliners out of the sky, Iran is laughing at us as we keep extending deadlines and zerO is on endless fund raising junkets, playing pool and golfing. The middle east is about to explode and zerO is handing out pink slips to our military. The worst president in history is living up to his title.

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Guest Guest

Two right wingers agree, and you put their screed on steroids, ignoring all the most important issues that will shape our future:

1. Climate change, which threatens human devastation on a scale never seen before. The oil companies do not want us to stop using oil and gas, for obvious reasons. The profit motive is working against the interests of the people, and against the interests of basic morality and ethics.

2. Freeing ourselves from our addiction to carbon-based fossil fuels. See #1.

3. Income inequality. The middle class in the United States is being destroyed. The super-rich don't care, in fact they like it this way. No one on any commercial network is talking about what to do about it. Doing so would not serve their interests.

4. What to do about the global economy. The entire world has been transformed by it. Yet our so-called news outlets and our so-called political leaders are talking as though we are still back in the 1950s. If we keep pretending that we can bring jobs back to the United States through policies that worked 50 years ago, or worse 200 years ago, we will never address our needs today.

5. Our educational system. We have become an entertainment culture. We want instant gratification. The corporate model feeds self-indulgence. And don't you dare tell people that we all need to sacrifice, or that we face real problems, because they'll turn you off, and your advertisers won't be happy about that.

6. Our health care system. We still don't have a real national system, despite the Affordable Care Act. As a result, other nations deliver health care to their people more effectively and at less cost than we do.

7. The military-industrial complex. Every time there's trouble anywhere in the world, there's a call for another war. President Eisenhower warned us about this. It's not hard to understand what is going on.

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