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This story does make sense.

Guest 2smart4u

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Guest 2smart4u

How does an empty suit with no experience in running anything, no management or executive experience, no history of accomplishment

make the jump from community organizer in a black district in Chicago to POTUS ? He was elected as a state senator by a majority of black voters. He quickly saw how easy it was to get elected by promising hope & change, income distribution and free stuff. So he ran for the US Senate, again promising the same lies and got elected once again. As a US Senator, the charade continued, with zerO voting "present" on many issues instead of offering a vote. At this point he thought, hey this is easy, all I have to do is smile and tell my hope & change BS and all the white guilters and the blacks will vote for me. So this is how zerO became POTUS, by a combination of lies and naive people, both black and white. The biggest con job in the history if America.

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