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Guest *** the lady**

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Guest *** the lady**

On Grant Ave. there are alot of great families on the block. It's shame to see all the drug deals that go on down there. Some of the people coming out of the houses down there and can't even stand up. Something needs to be done right away. The DEA should come clean out these houses and people that are using and selling.

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Guest J. Redemption East Newark

The house you are talking about is run by a section 8 recipiant. She has only brought trouble to your block. I live on Reynolds ave. And have watched in sadness your great block of Grant street, Right across from the old factories. There were a dozen great hardworking families on your street. Pride for Grant ave was felt by all the residents as well as people like myself who would walk through your neighborhood on Sat and Sundays. It was very common to see men and women sweeping the side walks in front of their houses, being neighborly , talking to each other. What goes on now on your street is a bad result of people abusing the welfare system , not caring about their neighborhood and dealing drugs and rumors of prostitution have always plagued the women in question. It's time the remaining good caring residents to  get a petition going to evict and arrest the current  problem makers. Grant ave deserves better. ******* should be put in jail She gets section 8 and RENTS  OUT  2 of the four bedrooms that our tax dollars go to support. Of course her 2 tenants are upright law abiding people with no history of drug abuse. (sarcasm)

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Guest Grant Averesident 25 years

I guess either no one cares to hear the truth and make a response, Or that most East Newark citizens WANT more druggies and prostitutes living in town.

Because druggies and hookers make most communities better places to raise children. Is that the general consensus? Maybe the best people have moved out of East Newark that actually cared about the town and  weren't afraid to voice their opinions and get changes made. It will really show these statements to be true with no responses. Is East Newark worth caring for anymore?

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Guest Mr Carl.
On 11/2/2016 at 7:15 PM, Guest Guest who said:

I love East Newark 

And by saying that, you are doing a lot to improve the town!. WOW!!!. Instead of actually pursuing the matter proactively, By driving by and maybe taking a few pictures with your phone, then sending them to the East Newark PD. for further action. You really think that by exclaiming '' I love East Newark'' is enough? Most likely the people living in Newark thought that forty years ago  by saying'' I love Newark'' would be enough to keep it safe and nice. Wouldn't it be nice to eat breakfast in Tops on a weekend morning, Without having to squeeze through the present riff raff of Newark residents. Who block up the doors and crowd the place even more so at the beginning of the month. Wait in line for twenty minutes in the cold then tell me how much you still love East Newark. And when you are inside the diner please take in the intelligent ''Yo'Yo Yo's being shouted every five minutes. Nip it in the bud before it gets worse people. How many of your friends who also USED to say '' I love East Newark'' have left for better towns? But hey, If you really like those kinds of people (Rude, uneducated leeches), Then all power to you. Tell me in a few years how much the homes have devalued. '' It's all guud''.

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