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The Supremes slap zerO.

Guest 2smart4u

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Guest 2smart4u

When the liberal justices on the supreme court join together with the conservatives to vote 9-0 against zerO, you know this socialist POS has lost it. These next 18 months will include zerO being sued, impeached and disgraced by his incompetence. Let's hope he takes a lot of vacations and stays away from washington, babbling joe gaffe is harmless.

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Guest Guest

Dream on, potty-mouthed fantasy boy. Scalia, who wrote the opinion pointed out that Obama got almost everything he wanted. They overturned executive action only on a very small point. Apparently Fox didn't tell you that part.

Meanwhile, just remember that this 9-0 decision will apply to the next Republican president too - if there ever is another one.

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