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Mayor Raymond McDonough Dies At His Desk At Town Hall


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Guest Harrisonian

Anselmo, you should be embarressed putting your picture with Mayor on NJ.com. U r the last person the Mayor trusted. Shame on u politicizing his death....

2smar4u (really)

The picture you are referring to is a picture of Mayor McDonough and Councilman Millan on election day. NJ.com's editors chose that picture and their photographer took that picture. Councilman Millan had nothing to do with its publication. The picture captured a moment in time and that's why NJ.com put it up. The Mayor and the Councilman were friends and have worked together on behalf of Harrisonians for years. They disagreed on occasion as true friends do. It was a beautiful thing to see their common goal, the betterment of Harrison, being accomplished.

Ray, may you rest in peace. It really hasn't sunk in that you are gone from us.

You 2smart4u need to pick a new name for KOTW.

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Truly a sad, sad day..... The man devoted his entire life to his family and the people of this Town. He will be missed.... as a friend, a leader and as the passionate, loving soul he was.

R.I.P. Mayor Raymond McDonough

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