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Please Help The Youth

youth of today

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dear members of this board

has anyone in kearny or the surrounding area get tired of hearing the youth, specifically the high school aged children complain there is nothing to do in town on a weekend. yes i know there is the lincoln theater but that becomes boring. and yes there is the pbgc dances but they only go up to a certain age. also the high school has dances but very few are fun being i went to some during my 4 years at good old khs.

well im looking for help im looking for anyone that has access to a hall, whether it be a church basement, a vfw or american legion, or one of the clubs in kearny to allow me to put on whats called a "show". a show is when someone like me rents a hall with their own money gets 5 or 6 local and underground bands to play charges little money and kids come and have a fun time. now some of you are saying this is going to cause mischief and bring bands with a negative message with them to the area and im not saying this won't happen but the positives out weigh the negatives it brings a fun and positive environment to the community for our youth. it will keep them off the streets where they block sidewalks and cause destruction and put them in a hall watchin these bands and seeing the positive aspects of the punk/hardcore music communities can offer. now these communities are not just for music it helps inform the youth about political agendas that could affect them, it helps them to find a place of being if they feel left out in the horrible social rings that could be there social life in school, and it will help them give back to the community by opening them up to volunteer work in organinzations such as food not bombs which collects food for the homeless and feeds them.

now im not looking for a free hand out anytime a show is thrown by me i will donate what i can to the venue or a charity in the community. but i am looking for the community to be more accepting of the youth such as a kid the has colored hair, a piercing , a tattoo or by what music we listen too remember this is what our generation does its our way of expression and it will also work vice versa as respect goes both ways. i have always taught to respect everyone no matter what race or religion what gives people the right to disrespect someone because they have a tattoo or green hair. now getting back on the topic of this post im looking for the help of the community on this if i can get one place whether a club hall or a church hall or the town allowing us to use a school i will organize kids to volunteer for cleanups for the parks and the streets of kearny. a good project to allow us to do is is if the town where to let us clean up the old campbell machine shop on passaic ave being that it is an eyesore and no one uses it we could clean it up and use it for a venue for things like shows, school art exhibitions, arts and crafts for seniors and/or the handicapped and it will all be done by the youth of the town.

now if anyone on here would like to help out with my cause please respond to this and if you want to add a suggestion reply but if you are just going to bash this or respond negatively please start your own topic as you will only be adding to the generation gap of the youth and the adults of our area

please feel free to email me at roosterpiercing@verizonmail.com or im me on AIM at roosterpiercing to talk more in detail about this topic

just fyi i am a 20 year old male that group up in kearny my whole life and i have seen the town change and i would like to help keep the changes in a positive way being that i just like members of my family that are teachers, lawyers and members of the area politics love this town and i would want my future children to grow up in our fine community

thank you


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