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More Fire Dept. Begging in the future

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I heard some Hudson County town & city bedbugs talking about yet another round of fill-the-boot begging like dogs to fix their shore homes. In my opinion, about half of the boot begging for 911 was skimmed before hitting the 9/11/2001 general fund. Now they want underpaid and out of work citizens to help pay to fix their personal lavish shore homes. The lowest paid firemen earn at least a six figure salary, benefits, and an insultingly high pension for sleeping and watching TV at millions of dollar clubhouses and now they are gonna have 2 seperate scam boots. One for 9/11 and one for personal expenses during the storm.

Generally speaking as my opinion, nobody gives a crap about firemen calling themselves the bravest, no one else does, because they are cowards. The thought of these millionaire fireman begging seniors for their social security money is sickening. A fire pat-time frat boy is a hobby worthy at best of minimum wage. Most firement a high school diploma or G.E.D. It is lumper work no better than migrant farmers picking lettuce in a field except that the farmhands actually break a sweat everyday.

Jus Sayin the truth.......

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