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Whats Worse an A.D. who lies to their team or an A.D. who forfiets gam

Guest Simple

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My son came home & informed me that the consolation game for his Harrison High Football Team was cancelled as per the state! I asked him who told you this & he explained that coaches told him the Athletic Director told them Friday before the game that the state called & cancelled all consolation games due to hurricane. Like everyone else I believed this until I opened the Star ledger & saw all the other teams in the state are playing theirs!! So i called one of the coaches & he confirmed the story!! My son played every week sometimes injured for a team that went 0-9 matched up most of the season against some of Bergen Counties Top 20 ranked teams and when he finally might have a chance at a victory his Athletic Director Kim Huaranga (McDonogh) pulls these antics!!! The Kearny AD got crucified for forfeiting a game for his belief in player safety & she did this why?? Did they not want to pay for refs or buses?? Is this what they teach our kids to be liars & deceitful??

And while we are speaking about Mrs.Huaranga (McDonogh) how come this year she takes over & now the town is paying for two vice principals when Mr.Doffont did it alone & a great job at that. Is this another glaring example of Harrisons Misappropriation of funds or just plain old nepotism?? Unbelievable.

Maybe she should go back to stomping her feet on the basketball sidelines instead of interfering in these kids joy of playing the game of football!!

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it's pretty safe to write anything on this site but you better be sure you have all the information and it is correct, before you malign someone.

Which part are you talking about ??? That's not true ???

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Guest Pele' Willie

The pisser can't do it alone Hey I didn't know that Harrison still wastes it's time on football. I thought Harrison was a soccer town. There's zero talent on the football team, And lets face it, there are football players playing soccer more than football in harrison. I mean players on the football teams. Harrison used to have great football YEARS AGO. Face the facts, the demographic has changed. Racist as it sounds ,Latinos just can't cut it on the grid iron. Shut the whole football program down. With the few caucasian stragglers we have in harrison, It would be simpler to teach the say 200 white kids to play soccer, Rather than try to teach the 800 Latinos kids to learn and love a game that is played in a failing country with no valor left in it. Just look at the train wreck football teams on tv. That could never compete with the honor and pride other countries soccer team players feel for their national pride. Football's time has come. Put down the beaten horse of a sport. Have you ever seen a fat obese soccer player? Look at the scope of the town before making comments.

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Guest Rich Aquino

Harrison High School Football died a long time ago. Who is anyone fooling? Why bother worrying about football or baseball for that matter. We all know Soccer is king and always will be. Move out west to Chester or Long Valley to get your kid on a great football team. Yo no se nada.

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