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No questions asked ! !

An original Walt Disney painting, signed in pencil, has disappeared from its legitimate place of repose at Highplains Artworks in Chino Valley, Arizona.

The painting portrays the now famous canine couple of Lady and the Tramp, but is labeled, also in pencil, "Sadie and the Tramp."

This unique work is not a cell or a print or a lithograph, but a rare studio painting used by Walt Disney himself to solicit and secure financial backing for the making of the movie.

Highplains Artworks represents the legitimate owner of this rare and valuable work of art and we possess all documentation of its authenticity - including but not limited to letters and other correspondence from the Walt Disney Archives in Burbank, California.


Now here's the part everyone wants to know about : the reward.


The person or persons who either provide(s) information leading to the recovery of, or who personally delivers or causes the painting to be delivered to Highplains Artworks (in as good or nearly as good a condition as it was in before its dissappearance!) will recieve a one thousand dollar cash reward - no questions asked.

Please phone Bob or Karin at Highplains Artworks

in Chino Valley, Arizona if you have any information

that you believe may be helpful.

(928) 636-2666

or e mail us at: sadie@bobgod.com

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