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Welcome To Mooseport

Guest Mayor McDumbass

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Guest Mayor McDumbass

I urge all of my fellow Harrisonians, to rush out and see the new movie Welcome to Mooseport. We have finally made the big time, when Hollywood realized that even a plumber could be a Mayor. The film was shot in the very studio that I brought to our town, while working with DeNiro.

My residents, I always come thru for you!

If you need to reach me, please email me at Linemypockets@aol.com or next year I can be reached at Linemypockets@RahwayStatePenitentiary.com.

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Guest soothsayer

Fisrt of all if you feel so strongly about the current mayor, hiding behind an anonmous name. You my friend have some issues to deal with.

1) lets see you run for office and open yourself up to the ridicule of every moron yes moron in the area. you couldnt take it. When someone wants a favor or something and everybody does and when you dont get your way then (i)

(meaning me as a hypothetical mayor) would be an as-hole.

2) did you know mayor mc (dum bass) as you called him saved some people from at a fire last year among many other things he has done in the past, oh i guess not

becuause your little pea brain only holds so much info.

3) the last point about rahway prison is too funny any moron (except for yourself you must be below moron level) knows even me when politicians go to jail they go to the country clubs not real maximum security prisons

i dont even live in your town but your just plain stupid vindicative comments, about the mayor of your town, just goes to show you any jerk with an anonomous keyboard can easily attack you obviously have a problem with him because you didnt get your way about something

its real easy to pick on any politician, the hard part is to get up their and run

lets see you put your name on a sign and run how much would you enjoy the same treatment

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Guest ha ha ha ha
:o aahhh the Mayor may be a nice guy B) , but definately not a good mayor ;) . That is if your talking about the average Harrisonian :D , now if your talking to one of his buddies, :angry: He supports their whole family on your taxes. ha ha ha ha :P
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