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Guest Made up my mind

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Guest Made up my mind

Okay, full disclosure here I was 99% sure who I was supporting before the meet the candidates night! Well after listening to all the candidates that last one percent is in the bank. Anyone who was there has to on a quiet night in a dark room all by themselves admit the choices are clear. We had four intelligent well spoken professionals speak eloquently on each subject and question posed to them. Then we had a couple who seemed like nice guys but were totally unprepared, I felt kind of sorry for them. And then we had one candidate who's best idea to fix all the problems this school district has come up against in the last year is " let's drug test all the teachers " that's right we are in the shape we are in right now because we have a bunch of drug crazed degenerates teaching our children. Now before one or two of you keyboard commandos accuse me of being one of those crazy druggies I'm not a teacher but I am friendly with a slew of them. They found it comical that was the major concern of this particular candidate. Most off the record told me they would have no problem with drug testing. So in conclusion it's sad there's only three spots because in my humble opinion we have four educated, experienced, intelligent, professional candidates! If you've been paying attention you know who they are! Good luck to all.

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