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Triple murderer not psych competent

Guest Elmo

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The tragic deaths of 3 Harrison residents will go unpunished as the State of NJ says the creep is incompetent to stand trial. In this incident, the Harrison Police Dept. engineered a dramatic capture of a crazed murderer as he did everything he could to avoid apprehension. The HPD sleuths worked day and night non-stop to track down and capture this violent maniac without regard to their own personal safety. These fearless Police Officers show how old fashioned gum shoe Police work combined with modern technology makes remarkable and recognized as the finest there are in the USA.

Baseless glory is bestowed upon other departments in Harrison by higher salaries and promotions from an ego driven Mayor and council. The HPD try to drive down crime even though they are understaffed, overworked, and have ancient facilities and equipment. Contrary to statements made, in my opinion, crime is at an all time high while the numbers are at there lowest in decades concerning morale and personnel. The PD is generally misfits from Sgt. and up. The street cops working harder than ever while being treated like sub-humans. Ridicule from the public, harsh treatment from supervisors, and politicial persecution is ever present. Good vs.evil being battled including vehicle pursuits, domestic violence, and shoot outs most people not dare to imagine do not deter these candles in the wind in the struggle to protect others for very little compensation. God bless these brave Harrison Police Officers.

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Guest James Henson

Great comedy sketch, you should write for Saturday night Live. The murder suspect walked into PD head quarters the day of the incident. And turned himself in. There is a homeless druggie living at the murder house on the second floor. At least we all know the partial identity of Elmo, you are an over worked, over hyped under appreciated cop. Who probably didn't get enough attention from Mommy and Daddy.. Be careful with that candle in the wind, Don't get it too close to yourself, Methane is flammable , You are full of S@it!!!.. And you will also have to pay taxes for the murderer to be kept alive and fed his three meals a day. What did you prove by posting this crap?

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Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

Whatcha gonna do when HPD comes for you?

It's amazing how the brave, fine Officers of the Harrison Police Department continue to protect the public. The HPD Finest have no opportunities to train or obtain up to date policing methods, no physical Police Station (the current set-up is just a hallway), no modern resources, and outright attacks on their budget by the Mayor and Council. The Mayor and Council are masters of fiscal mismanagement which have public safety in Harrison reduced to a joke. Three Officers on duty to protect and serve 20,000 residents is absurd and dangerously neglectful in the face of an increase of violent crime and number of handgun arrests in Harrison. The taxpayers are getting a raw deal.

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