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Auditions for Arsenic and Old Lace

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All auditions take place at The W.H.A.T. Theatre (former St. Stephen School) 131 Midland Ave, Kearny, NJ.

WHAT is currently auditioning for the following productions:

    • Arsenic & Old Lace – Auditions September 4 & 6 at 7PM
      • ABOUT THE SHOW: Arsenic and Old Lace is a farcical black comedy that tells the story of two charming and gentle old ladies in Brooklyn, NY who poison poor, elderly gentlemen in order to save them from the sorrows of the world. Their nephew Teddy believes he is Teddy Roosevelt, charging up the stairs and digging locks for the Panama Canal in the basement. Teddy’s brother, Mortimer Brewster, a drama critic, learns of his aunts’ actions and his family’s insanity. He then must decide whether to go through with his recent promise to marry the woman he loves.Mortimer’s older brother Jonathan returns home after many years with his accomplice, Dr. Einstein, whose plastic surgery is keeping Jonathan’s identity secret from the international police forces that are in search of them for their own serial killing sprees. The play follows Mortimer as he tries to protect his aunts and prevent them from continuing their mission of mercy, while avoiding becoming Jonathan’s next victim! A lively comic masterpiece.The roles of Rev. Harper/Witherspoon and Mr. Gibbs/Lt. Rooney may be double cast.

      • Mortimer Brewster, Male, 25 to 30s, the charming, cynical nephew of Abby and Martha, he is a Manhattan drama critic who finds he is actually living in the middle of an insane family. He becomes engaged to Elaine and must come face to face with his maniac brother, Jonathan. Must have strong physical comedy skills and a good sense of comic timing.
      • Elaine Harper, Female, 20′s, Mortimer’s pretty, independent girlfriend, a pastor’s daughter, who remains fairly oblivious (and therefore confused) throughout.
      • Abby Brewster,Female, 60 +, A darling lady with Victorian manners and values who believes murdering lonely old men to be an act of charity. Played as sweet old ladies who are genuinely oblivious to the horrors they are committing. Need to be highly likeable despite being serial killers!
      • Martha Brewster, Female, 60 +, A sweet elderly yet also insane woman with Victorian charm who serves as Abby’s partner in crime.
      • Jonathan Brewster,Male, 40 +, Mortimer’s evil, murderous brother, who, because of numerous plastic surgeries, bears a striking resemblance to Boris Karloff. Must be physically imposing – as written he bears a resemblance to Frankenstein’s monster, but simply needs to exude evil from the outset. Calculating and cold.
      • Dr. Einstein, Male, 40 +, Jonathan’s partner in crime, somewhat ratty in appearance, living in a pleasant haze of alcohol. Quirky; an underworld plastic surgeon whose nerves are on the edge and who has got himself in over his head. Written with a German accent.
      • Teddy Brewster, Male, 30 +, The kindhearted brother to Mortimer and Jonathan who is openly insane and believes himself to be Theodore Roosevelt. Lots of comedy business and self-importance, and needs the agility to charge up stairs a lot! Bugle playing a plus but not required.
      • Officer O’Hara, Male, 30s+, Police officer for 12 years and an aspiring playwright who pesters Mortimer to read his play. Requires a good comedy rapport with Mortimer.
      • Officer Brophy and Officer Klein, Male, 18-35, Brooklyn patrol cops who make their rounds collecting Christmas toys, and keep appearing to investigate complaints from neighbors about Teddy’s incessant bugle blowing. They aid Mortimer in his fight against Jonathan.
      • Lieutenant Rooney, Male, 30 +, A tough New York cop, the precinct boss who aids Mortimer in his fight against Jonathan. May double with Mr. Gibbs.
      • Mr. Gibbs, Male, 50 +, A lonely little old man who nearly falls victim to the aunts’ charity. May double with Lt. Rooney.
      • Reverend Dr. Harper, Male, 50′s, Father to Elaine, the minister who runs the church next door to the Brewster house. Disapproves of Mortimer due to his links with the theatre. May double with Mr. Witherspoon.
      • Mr. Witherspoon, Male, 40 +, The fastidious caretaker of Happy Dale Sanitarium. May double with Rev. Harper.

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