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Beware bike shopping ( stealing) season is here

Guest Just looking out

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Guest Just looking out

Please remember that it is BICYCLE SHOPPING SEASON. All the criminals from across the bridge in Newark will be '' Shopping'' Meaning , if you spot two criminal types riding together looking in alleys and one of them is on a crappy older bike.Or a females bike, That's right folks... Ding, ding, ding... You win the prize..A bike is gonna get stolen.. The criminals will usually drop the crappy bike, jump on your expensive bike and ...So long son..., Ride over the bridge on their new Shiney ride.. Be careful out there folks. If you see two people riding together behaving like I described, Call the police and tell em there's a few bike thieves on your block. I've already spotted two instances over this past weekend. BTW, just don't think that the criminals only hit the streets by the bridges, They know where the good bikes are. Register your bike at the Harrison Police station, Buy a good lock. Keep your eyes open and cell phone turned on.

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