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Funding Ethnic Celebrations

Guest Alfredo

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Guest Alfredo

The increasing number of ethnic celebrations being planned by The Most Honorable Mayor Alberto Santos have been and will continue to be, for years to come, a beacon of harmonious race relations in Kearny. Religous celebrations should also be added. Al-Quaeda, Hammas, and the PLO should be honored as they march down Kearny Ave. and into Harrison where the parades would continue. The Most Honorable Mayor Santos never stops giving and thinking about the happiness and well-being of the Kearny residents. He personally pays for some of the costs in my opinion. That is an admirable quality you do not see these days in politics.

If Kearny stopped paying the retired firemens medical benefits, that money could be used towards making flags, buying cultural music CD's, and paying professional performers for these much needed celebrations of life. If you speak to someone that you think you hate you will find out just what decent human beings they really are and encourage them to move to West Hudson.

Lets ROCK these parties without hesitation.

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Guest guest

Fredo! Fredo! Yes, yes, yes. Gather those rosebuds as we reap the benefits of the ethnic religion based parades and festivals. The retired firemen are such big mouths they must be making a lot of money public speaking so they don't need cash from the taxpayers or the bennies. Pump it up, pump it up!!

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