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Positive changes coming.''Uncle Ray ,Say it's Ok''

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Ok we all have concerns with the town of Harrison.Taxes went up again, The Observer didn't print the Harrison Police blotter, which leads people to believe that !. there was no crime to report. Ha, Ha. or 2, Maybe one of ''The Boys'' or one of their relatives got into trouble and they told the P to omit the blotter.. But there are more things to be concerned with. The new proposed Hotel for one, and the question of whether it will be paying taxes, Or will ''Uncle Ray, Say it's OK/'' And will we the residents and property owners have to fish through our already strained pockets and foot the bill. It's easy to raise a towns taxes while building a nest down the shore.. What would be great is to see a detailed printout of what the mayor and in town living council members pay for their houses. This may be the only way to see if fairness is going on. The corruption allegations will stop, Then we can all focus on getting the Town back on track if that's possible. I know you all don't want to be stuck with a broken town if he and his council loses the election then suddenly decides to move down the shore. leaving us with a broken town filled with booming businesses that all have long agreements stating that they don't have to pay taxes for decades.

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