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party time

Guest changeling

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Guest changeling

well people ,it's that time againwhen all the { connected} or {constipated} lol people will be at the polish home to do their duty, and ass kiss the mayor , and his crew ! just stand outside , accross the street, and you'll see the faithful file in ! hey school teachers...most of you don't live in town, but you gotta go hee hee. got sucked in to buy that ticket , or else ! yes sir all the board of ed crew , with the free jobs and all the rest5 with the made up jobs! LOSERS......hee hee hee. hows the new cameras working out ? just like fort knox!

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Guest Guest

They won't catch many oppossums but will certainly see a lot of rats. I actually was supposed to go to work for Harrison DPW years ago but couldn't stand the smell of ass.

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