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Guest changeling

some time ago , a letter was sent to the people that got laid off at the d.;p.w. from the state , about a mechanics helper position. it stated , if you were interested to send a letter to the mayor ,and express you desire for this postion. you had to respond by a certain date, or your name would be withdrawn from some list for this podition people responded,but never heard from the town! Now we getr a letter from the town attorney stating.... if interested , be at such, and such a place by a certain date. but now this psotion was only PART TIME . hey, how come i have to apply for a partime job, when two guys were hired at the d.p.w doing the same job that i lost, throught no fault of my own, and their working full time ? how about the guy they moved to the board of ed / he was only on the town for 2 years !!! Hey TOWN ATTORNEY....... how do explain this ? what about the guy they got to drive the bus? you8 know the one who is related to someone ! he wasn't even qualified for the position ! the shit goes on, and on ! hey maybe you can explain all this crap to the civi service commison . .

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