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BOE, wanna save money?

Guest datauniverse

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Guest datauniverse

This is publice information taken from the datauniverse site...

According to Datauniverse, As per the NJ State site (see below...)

( http://php.app.com/NJpublicemployees10/results.php?newspaper=mcj&lastn=millar&firstn=john&location=KEARNY+TOWN+BD+OF+ED&fundname=%25&Submit=Search )

The Athletic Director makes $127,216. That is ABSURD!!! He does not deserve such a high salary, and Kearny Sports has gone downhill ever since he became A.D. To top it all off he has not one but TWO secretaries at $40,873!!!

( http://php.app.com/NJpublicemployees10/results.php?newspaper=mcj&lastn=Brooks&firstn=Barbara&location=KEARNY+TOWN+BD+OF+ED&fundname=%25&Submit=Search )

So we are paying over $200,000 to run a High School athletic Department, where neighboring towns are paying less than $75,000 to an A.D. with NO secretaries!!!

In addition, according to the same site the V.P. of Discipline makes $129,968. A retired police officer would take that job for less than $50,000 and would do a better job!

( http://php.app.com/NJpublicemployees10/results.php?newspaper=mcj&lastn=Ragnoni&firstn=Pat&location=KEARNY+TOWN+BD+OF+ED&fundname=%25&Submit=Search )

We have these 4 UNNECESSARY positions The VP's...) making all this money, yet we are cutting Police and Fire personnel. Don't you people see what is going on? We need someone to step up and fix ALL of this, someone who has the guts to do the right thing and correct such inequities.

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