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This is probably the second, or third time,I have visited this site,and I think it is a good place to start.What is going on? I have lived here for over 35 years, and I have never seen the garbage all over town,like it is today.Kearny Ave.looks like a filthy mess from start to finish.Midland Ave from Belgrove to Schuyler Ave,and Bergen Ave, from Passaic to Schuyler.Kearny High on Devon, and all the way around is a disgrace, what happened to business owners and residents cleaning their sidewalks? What happened to the DO NOT LITER signs,and FINES? We are paying big taxes here,why is this being overlooked it looks like slumville.What are we going to do about,it has to be cleaned up. I am embarrassed when I have out of town guest visit.Always in the winter, when it snows we have garbage on the street after the snow melts, but we have not got there yet, if we do not get the streets cleaned can you imagine what it will look like then?? The weather is beautiful, take a stroll around town and take a look it will make you sick.Someone needs to help us, call the Mayors office, and the DPW supervisor. Mr Mayor, Please cut services somewhere else, IT SHOWS.

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Everyone in town was cheering when our gov and elected officials laid off public workers, refused to hire new workers to replace retired workers and forced public workers to not come into work on certain days to save money by not paying them. Who do you expect is supposed to clean the streets, plow the snow, patrol the streets for criminals, and run programs for children and seniors?

We are all paying more taxes and getting less services. I would rather pay an extra 60 bucks a year to have more people working then have an obvious shortage and a town that offers no incentives for buyers when I try and sell one of my properties. Kearny is now a dump like the rest of Hudson county and once it is there is no turning it around. My advise is move if you can or save up and move immediately when you can.

Good luck calling the mayor , he doesn't even live in Kearny. Yes he has mail delivered here but I would be shocked if you ever saw him there. Try Newark if you want to get in contact with him.

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