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Councilman Qualifications

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Need to be able to move your lips while the Mayor speaks, sot that everyone thinks its you. Not sure there is an actual "qualification" for being a PUPPET.

This Mayor came into Town politics with GREAT ideas, but quickly became part of the political system that many of us despise. I miss the days when politicians (ANY politicians) entered the arena for altruistic reasons. Too often, it is now about what "favors" can I draw out once I'm on the inside.

Disconcerting just doesn't seem to cover it.

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Would anyone happen to know the qualifications and steps necessary for running for town councilman?? There isn't much information listed on the town website.

You need to be a registered voter in the Ward you want to be Council from. You need to get a petition form from the Town Clerks Office in the Town Hall. You need to get 25 people or more to sign it who belong to the political party that you are running with to be on the primary ballot in June. If you run as an independent you do not run in the Primary Election and you can file the petition with Hudson County. The only qulification after that is to get more votes than the other people running for the same office. Same goes for Mayor except you need 100 signatures townwide from registered voters. If you call the Kearny Town Clerks Office, they can give you any other information. Good Luck!

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