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Fight of the Century

Guest Eye in the Sky

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Yes they are.  This town is mad up of ass kissing crybabies.

BTW, who are we talking about?  Who is at each others throats?  And what effect will it have on the Heads, the players and the taxpayers?

Yeah who is this we're speaking of the "Godfather" and the "Made Man"??????

You would fugure that sooner or later that love affair would have ended. One guy won't let the other guy run HIS department. That team never should have been in the first place, but once you owe someone, you owe them for life. Or at least until

you get filmed on HBO on the front porch of a house in Newark in a mob sting!!!

Well gotta go, gotta get to my 3 card monte game !!!!! Feelin' lucky B)

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