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Opinion: I wonder if Jus Sayin needed KPDBlue & KPDPipes help in assisting with dousing the great Harrison car tire fire of 2011? The three staunch union busting comp. time advocates could have racked up a few hours of comp. time battling that massive life threatening blaze. I hope that Jus Sayin with his worldly powers of persuasion can pull some strings and get blue and pipes a switch over to the KFD where they long to be in status. I wonder if the three idiots all wear the feminine fire helmets they have been issued. I am sure they wear them at home and around the town where they live to make them be seen as attractive bad sedds by the ladies. Oh! the humanity of it all!

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In my opinion, I would like to thank the residents of Harrison and Kearny for spending almost $9 million dollars aleady in 2011 to combat the three small fires in their geographic area that could have been extinguished by a child with a little shovel and a bucket of sand. The bravest, boldest man on earth, ff No Name Jus Sayin of Kearny must have had a hand in the training of these incredible humans.

Now Jus Sayin and the rest of the bravest, please embellish the war story of the buring tire to fascinate the children of West Hudson for decades to come. Were the Scottys put into action to prevent a backdraft with a hologen tool? Was a primary search of the tire done before the defensive attack (I love that one) was put into action by one of the forty Captains? Please enrich our lives with your mystical powers as the country searches for a hero of a leader that we have lacked.

Don't forget to put begging in September on your to do list, then the large medical payments start in October, culminating in Gregg Ellis playing Santa Claus at some sad and pitifull Christmas party.

KPDPipes and KPDBLUE will provdide comp. time union busting security for the Christmas party because we know the ff start swinging fists at the news of 1 missing lobster. None of the ff can defend themselves anyway so it shouldn't be that bad. Good luck with the final ending round of layoffs right after the holidays, Falalalala lalalala.

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