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Borough Attorney Probes Administrator's Car Usage

D'Arco accused of using borough car to pick up daughter

By Myles Ma Email the author June 24, 2011 Print&nbps;12 Comments Tweet Email

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Credit Myles Ma Add your photos & videos Tell Your Neighbors About Patch The Borough Attorney and two members of the Council are looking into whether the Borough Administrator violated the terms of his contract regarding the use of his Borough vehicle.

Steven Mercer, a Wilson Avenue resident, accused Borough Administrator Joseph D'Arco of using his Borough vehicle for private use.

Mercer told the Mayor and Council at their meeting Tuesday that D'Arco drives the vehicle from Paramus to Washington Township every day to pick up his daughter, and then drives her to her home in Bloomfield. Borough Attorney Brian Giblin told the Mayor and Council not to comment at the time.

D'Arco responded to the accusations in an email on Thursday:

"It is my understanding that as the Borough Administrator, I have an unlimited/unrestricted use [of the vehicle] with the exception of out of State (approvals required) and the Borough vehicle must be parked overnight at Brorough Hall."

Giblin said Thursday that he and the Council administrative liaisons, Alan Brundage and Michael Rohdieck, were investigating the matter.

Mayor Richard LaBarbiera said the same issue came up three years ago, when Anthony Iacono was administrator. At that time, he said Councilwoman Cathy Bentz and Councilwoman Maureen O'Brien attacked Iacono for a similar use of the vehicle.

"I find it ironic three years later here we are with the same issue," LaBarbiera said.

LaBarbiera said the Mayor and Council were surprised by the accusations. He said it will be a topic of discussion at the next work session.

That session, on July 5, is a closed work session, where the governing body will discuss personnel matters.

"It's something that we're going to have to look into," LaBarbiera said.

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