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Guest Hirings

In my opinion, the person who said that the Harrison FD can be run by a 30 man roster is not very well informed although well intentioned. Just a few short years ago the HFD had a 60 man dept. and could not cover the town. The amount of overtime was enormous despite a 60 man Fire Dept. The Firemen had a schedule, or organized scheme, as to who was pre-planned to cali in sick and it was usually two guys in a rotating fashion as to maximize salaries. 2 Firemen calling in sick meant a $5,000 a day O.T. tab of 2 replacements with the towns residents funds. Thats was with 60 men. The Mayor and his Clown council knew it, the people knew it, and nobody said a word about it as those firemans salaries soared out of control. Some even encouraged it. Now, if by chance, Christie is not re-elected the hirings and overtime will again skyrocket exponentially once again and within a year the average property tax bill will be over $20,000 a year. You will be trapped becuase no one will by your house with those kind of taxes and inflated water bills. You could have gotten this crew out of office a few months ago but like a cult followed his word. He IS NOT a man of his word. Good Luck. Still think 30 men can do it?

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