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How is Kearny going to prevent the whole town burning to ashes when the Kearny Fire Department has its own special forces unit going into Yemen to take out insurgents. They are supposed use their underwater diving techniques carrying out a defensive attack while holding a hologen tool (really-what the heck is that? It looks like a crowbar to me.) in their jaws to scale the piers then move into position. 30 men are supposed to go. That number 30, as in 30% seems to be the magic number lately. . The Navy Seals stepped aside due to the KFD's superior general ability, strength, and the one *** *** Harrison Batallion Chief ** *****. This hand to hand combat is the strong point of the KFD. I just hope some soaking wet 100 pound Arab doesn't kick their *** as was the case in Harrison.

The attack will be led by Jus Sayin, the P.I.O. of the KFD so we should get rapid info. off Skype. Good luck men, because in my opinion you are gonna need it. This should rock the terrorists world for years to come. I wonder if the terrorists are required to contribute 30% to their medical plan. I will have to call the terrorists TPRF. It is fully funded 100% by the U.S.A.

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