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These are my opinions; The teachers, in all fairness, have some exceptional employees who should have the opportunity to advance to a higher scope of responsibilty much like the Kearny Fire Deparment who are promoted to Captain and up with $20,000 to $25,000 dollar raise increases based in reality for no reason. I have never heard of an exceptional teacher getting a raise of nearly that kind of money. The PD even go to Sgt., Lt., and up which is nowhere near as much as money as these Fire Captains. The Kearny Fire Department needs to demote Captains to Firemen without hesitation. Five less Captains, which wouldn't make a dent in the HFD and would save the Town of Kearny, and Harrison for that matter, millions of dollars over the years and prevent lay-offs. Harrison is finished anyway so forget I even mentioned them. There are basically no added duties from Fireman to Captain. They are just moved up to the position of being a "made man," (fireman term from an earlier post) like the structure similar North Jersey Enterprise. The Fire Apparatus should be parked in a little used parking lot for 8 hour shifts and the Firemen can respond from there. Eight hour awake shifts, ready to go.

The real estate, or Firehouses, can be sold to any private company for their personal use and the kichens and large screen plasma TV's could be sold along with the furniture and beds. This would create quite a boost in town funds and secure the Town of Kearny's long term financial future. I cannot think of one disadvantage of these opinions and personal proposals.

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