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The Swimmer vs. The Baseball Player

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They say he’s quite mad. Angry at his weight equivalent, that is, Chris Christie.

Like Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi, he will not back down. He will NEVER agree to a decrease in his salary.

Street talk has it that he will not renew his contract. Some chatter about him starting some consulting firm.

Freed from the Super position, he’s now free to run for Mayor.

But he has his evil eye on the fat boy in Trenton. And like the late PBH came to know, you don’t want to be in his focus.

The Swimmer versus the Baseball Player…approximately about the same high school time period. Indeed, in terms of age and weight, peers those two are!

Very unhappy with the Camden and Glouster County Dems- a part of the state he knows all too well. Quite proud that Hudson County came through with the largest vote margin against Christie.

Oh, yeah. Sweeney. The Norcross Brothers. He’s not too happy with them. “Krissie Kremes,” he calls them. Says the NJ Democratic Party is nothing but a bunch of wimps and sell-outs.

Claims that Corzine did more damage to the Party than McGreevey ever could have done in some back room of a Christopher Street bar.

With drink in hand, he will remind you about how ineffectual Corzine was in the US Senate and how Jon personally funded not only his Senatorial Campaign but also his four year Gubernatorial Residence in Hoboken.

Reminds you often that JonBoy has not contributed a single nickel to the Party since his defeat in November of ‘09.

“If only things could have ended differently” he often muses about that car mishap. But Corzine would end up wrecking not only a car but also a political party too.

“Itching for a fight,” some say of him.

And so Chris is his next Pete?

But to buck Christie is to buck a national trend, no?

That only brings a smile to his pug face.

But like R.E.M. once sung in one of their ballads, “I’ve said too much.”

But you didn’t hear it here. Trust me.

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