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I already explained the reason the HPD has unlimited sick time. Now to the Harrison Fire Department. The minimum manpower on the street for the HPD is 3 Cops. Unless McDonough himself is called, the sick Officer is not replaced. The NO OVERTIME POLICY. That brings the manpower to 2 men. A very poor safety net for over 20,000 the citizens. One cop per 10,000 people. The minimum manpower for the the Harrison Fire Department is 10, yes 10, guys. For a 24 hour shift, if a Fireman calls in sick, the town only subtracts 16 sick hours for the 24 hour shift. They get a free sick day every time they call in sick. This has been going on forever. Why has nobody complained about that? Believe me, when a fireman calls in sick, that empty bed filled immediately without any approval and that can be by a Fireman, Captain, or Batallion Chief. Imagine how much money it co$t$, that 24 overtime at $2,400.00 per man or more. All 10 beds are filled ASAP. So why do you just complain about the Cops? The Fireman have been doing this for the last 40 or more years. They even had a schedule made up as to who's turn it was to call in sick to get the 24 overtime hours for the replacement guy. Over the years, just imagine what that has cost the residents. It would take the Cops 50 years of unlimited overtime to reach that enormous amount of money taken from the residents for nothing. Complain about that instead of picking on the Cops. The more you know the better. Thank you.

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