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I tried to make things better on the board by asking the fireman, Kearny and Harrison, to stop the insults and threats and I would do the same. I was true to my word. Stick to the issues, not make it personal, right? You know that I made that offer, you printed it. You seemed pleased to have the fireman respond back with even worse abuse and filthy language. You printed them rapid fire almost as fast as they were submitted. You even printed the fireman calling the citizens dirty lowlife scumbags. I guess that meets your criteria but not the posts of others. Your logic escapes me. Please be fair to all. Thank you.

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Submitting more than one post isn't the same as responding to your own posts. You can't even get your own story straight but in time you might improve.

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Guest jus sayin

Agreed, when I read the initial post I was struck how self-serving it was,and though I believe there are more intelligent ways to handle the inflammatory posts made by "Guest" to each his own, if you want to splash water in the pool expect to get wet.

Don't cry foul.

I also chose to remain silent, there was no reason for me to address that post, like was asked,let it go.

Yet it appeared one hand was typing "why can't we all get along" while the other was slinging mud.

The answer is really quite simple....do as the Moderator has suggested, lose the multiple personality "Guest" postings choose a name, stand by it and discuss the issues intelligently.

As for me I'm taking my own advise and becoming a member so that I'm not a hypocrite.

And I'm keeping my nick-name,

jus sayin

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