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It's because they already have 2 other jobs each to get their 3 salaries, pensions, and healthcare plans. The BOE thing, as they call it, is just another small part of their financial world. It's not like you're getting a full effort from them or anything. It's all about the $$$$. Would you have time to type-up and distribute minutes of a meeting if you had three jobs at once? They need some time to work on getting that 4th title or job. There isn't a B.O.E. member in Hudson County that doesn't have at minimum three jobs with pensions.

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Why the minutes aren't posted on the website in a timely fashion is a question to be posed to the president of the Board of Education. A generous answer might be that the person who maintains the site doesn't have the time to do it within days of the approval of the previous month's minutes (remember, minutes must be approved for one month at the next month's meeting). A cynical answer would be that they are hoping no one cares about "yesterday's news" and will stall until someone raises the question or months pass.

The Open Public Meetings Law (commonly referred to as the “Sunshine Law”) was enacted in 1975 and contains this passage:

"The Law requires the public body to keep reasonably comprehensible minutes of all its meetings, showing the time and place, the members present, the subjects considered, the actions taken, the votes of each member and any other information required by law to be recorded by minutes. These minutes are to be made promptly available to the public."

Does "made promptly available to public" mean posted on a web site or delivered (presumably by mail) to one who asks for them? (BTW, Five years ago there was no law even requiring a Board of Education to maintain a web site; I wonder if such a law exists now.)

Why not raise the issue at the next Board meeting.

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