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On NJ.com it has the census results for NJ and Harrison is #2 in NJ in the category of towns/cities LOSING population in the last ten years. Is it any wonder why? Just look around, the only prosperity in the town has been in terms of nepotism and patronage salaries. No improvement to the town, the stadium is a bust so far, and you can't get a job unless you know somebody. Even if you know somebody, there aren't anymore jobs they can possibly create to get you the money. It's been said for many years but nobody listens. The towns funds are getting raided by the politicians and their families, the house of cards is collapsing, and the folks with the huge salaries have already gotten out years ago. They all either don't live in Harrison or have second homes where they are planning to go when things get bad enough, including the Mayor to his house in Point Pleasant. PVSC II, Harrison, NJ.

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No wonder peolpe are leaving Harrison like theres a civil war going on. There was a guy working as an $**,000.00 ************* ******* in Harrison who also has a ****** ******* *****/his own company. I noticed now from the towns employee list that position is gone but he is now working under the ******* ********** umbrella for $**,000.00/year. Didn't Harrison just lay-off a few good employees in that same dept. a few months ago due to budgetary constraints. This guy must be incredibly talented ** ******* ** ********* because the right thing to do would have been to rehire one of the original good employees of the ***** ***** that was doing the very same thing at a lower salary. Thats very peculiar. Hey, must be the money! Just more patronage while firing guys that shouldn't have been let go in the first place. Shame on you, again.

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