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The Solution

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I may have the solution to Harrison's plummeting financial situation. In my opinion, the Mayor should invite the Honorable and Intelligent Governor Christie to come to Harrison and get a picture and rave review article of "The Firemans Bookcase" that was donated to the library and featured in The Observer a few years ago. Not a dime came out of the HFD for that monument of humanity. Remember that pitifull thing. The Mayor, Dollarhan, and everyone who could stick their face in the picture standing behind that 4 foot tall cheap cardboard bookcase that had some used books in it to ignite the students of Harrison's schools into the next generation of technolgy and success. After seeing that piece of junk, the Governor may give the town $10.00 istead of $0 to help out its distressed situation next year. What a joke. Just another poor example of the Mayor to show his pride in his thisclose fireman relationship to allow them to continue to loot the taxpayers money and take it for use out of town to wherever they live. Or, the fireman can use this expensive bookcase to archieve their films of the many (250 -300) fires a year in it along with their tapes of everyday training films, versions of "Backdraft" and "Resue Me" with a poster of Dennis Leary over it. That should light a fire under the Governors ass. AHAHAHAHAHA......Jus sayin

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Guest joey donuts

That was quite F**KING funny! I hear that Corzine and Goldman Sachs are backing UPENN's Wharton School of Buisiness in a hostile takeover to get a hold of the incredible Harrison bookcase. That was another humiliating thing they put in the Observer. No one could use it anyway because the library is always closed despite over $200,000.00 in salaries.

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