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Dont blow this one too Mayor

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Instead of sitting on your a$$ this storm and worring what the people at Arcos will think of you, GET UP AND ENFORCE THE TOWN CODE. Start the emergency calling now and get the cars off the emergency snow route BEFORE the storm hits, not 36 hours after. Think about it Mayor, if the cars are off the Ave now, we can plow curb to curb, because the town looks like SHIT when there are SUV's parked in the middle of Kearny Ave. You really worry about what owners will think if you shovel snow back into their driveways/sidewalks? Who cares Mayor? Get the job done. Another thing you NEED to enforce, is geting the lazy Kearny cops out of the Kmart parking lot, (3 or 4 cars at a time) and have them start issuing tickets for the town "idiots" throwing snow into the streets. I couldnt believe my eyes, two days after the storm at 6am, when I was driving on Bergen Ave and stopped on Brighton to see a bucket loader trying to rescue a town plow from geting stuck. Why would that happen? Is our equipment bad? Nope, but Ill tell you why. The previous day, I myself got stuck on Brighton Ave, between Bergen and Afton St.s. Can I tell you why? As Im driving down the block, 90% of the residents on that block must have gotten notice from the town that it is ok to pile the snow from your property into the streets. I have a truck Mayor, and the snow was over my engine on some parts of this block. SO again, it goes back to enforcing codes. If the Kearny cops left the Kmart parking lot and issued tickets, a number of things would have happened. 1. We would not have had to WASTE taxpayers money on a supervisor, a truck driver and a bucket loader driver for 3 hours to get the truck out from 6 feet of snow. Thats 3 guys at 3 hours. Lots of money, seeing that it was before 8am, so they were all on overtime. 2. If the police ticketed these "idiots", thats $125 x at LEAST 20 people. $2,400!!!!! Yea thats just one one block! That seems to pay for one or two town workers for the whole storm and its just one block Mayor. The blizzard of 96, and the big storm in the begining of the 2000's, none of them had an impact on Kearny like this one did. Why? Because we followed our rules, we towed cars off the emergency snow routes, and ticketed the IDIOTS whop think the streets are their personal snow dumping ground.


Nothing was better then watching the town guys plow all the snow BACK into these peoples driveways!

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