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Rocco and "R" gang

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Back by popular demand, Rocco and the Mob, formerly Rocco and the Stingrays made famous with their performances at "R" Gang back in the day! Playing the best of Creedence, The Commitments, Stevie Ray, Bruce, Skynard, Cocker, Doors, Allmans, Blues Bros. and many more! Also debuting Layla and Jungleland! Sitting in that night will be Marlaina DePasquale formerly of the Screaming Nudes!

Don't miss this, they only get to this part of the State once or twice a year! Friday Night, December 17, 9:00PM at The Irish/American Association! There is a real push to get Ralph Borgess from "R" Gang there that night! Will he show up this time?!!!

It's a TEN piece band now!

Follow and hear Rocco and the Mob on Facebook and.......no just Facebook!

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I heard Ralph is coming! And a lot of teachers from town after their Christmas partys. Should be a fun night!

That female singer who is a guest artist is AWESOME! Going just because of her!

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