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Kearny Taxes

Guest John Q Taxpayer

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Guest John Q Taxpayer

All we hear of is the Budgets of the Town, particularly the Municipal workers, Cops and Firemen. The real Budget that needs to be addressed is the BOE budget. that is where the most money is spent. And its not like our kids are getting the best education. Does anyone bother to look at how many VP's we have in the High School, and their enormous salaries? Address the BOE budget and we will see a dent made in the taxes in town. Get a financial auditor to see where money can be chopped there without sacrificing schooling, and you will see a major decrease in taxes. Right now the current BOE just spends; we are laying off and furloughing Town workers while we are hiring secretaries for the BOE. It all comes from the same pot! Let's get something dones!

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