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Opinions: Under the current McDonough administration, the towns proposed budget is around $25 million. Out of that, 20% or $5 million goes to a 42 man fire dept. that basically does nothing. Another probably about 10% goes to the very high paying patronage, nepotism jobs, the ones that pay between $100,000-$200,000 and often go to members of the same families, many husband-wife teams are pulling in $300,000.00 a year for little or no actual work and dual titles. The majority of the the groups I just mentioned, around 95%, do not live, shop, or pay taxes in Harrison. I am also hearing thru the grapevine that the McDonough administration is working on a tax "surcharge" in the area of $3000 to $5000 per taxpayer/voter in addition to the proposed 24% tax increase to bail out the town. Its gonna be quite a shock if that happens. You get an additional tax bill at an odd time and wonder what it is, a one time punch in the face. There goes your vacation, or new car payment, or another chunk out of your savings if you have any to begin with. WOW! Thats gonna be a tough nut to pny up for what amounts to nothing more than fiscal mismanagement by a council in which, except for the McCormicks, who all have mid - six figure jobs. HAHAHAHAHA!! Funny, right? Wrong!! You idiots will probably vote for McDonough and crew, but they don't care, their primary residences are in South Jersey. If you are a renter, get readu to cough up about another $300/month onto your rent. These are just my opinions. I don't live in Harrison but I look at this site and gotta laugh at you fools. If you think that paying more a month in taxes than you do on your mortgage payment is acceptable on any level you should get your head examined.

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