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Debate Questions

Guest Fair Debate Questions

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Guest Fair Debate Questions

Posted 22 October 2010 - 11:12 PM

If there is a debate I have some Questions for the McCormick Team F.

1 Did you know that by election law you are supposed to state who paid for any piece of campaign material, the famous 'Paid For By.....'statement? How can the public view who contributes to your campaign? Why do your campaign reports show 0 $$ raised and 0 $$ spent, even though you have large expensive banners and other campaign material? Where did the money for your campaign come from? Where is the transparency? Will you release this information? Do you plan to practice the transparency you preach?

2 Will you discuss how the recent guilty verdict, the fine of $20,000 for building code violations, and the contempt of court $2,500. fine, hurts your campaign? Can people say that A. Pettigrew was right 4 years ago and that you only ran for office to get your building violations squashed?

3 How do you believe that by declaring bankruptcy to the tune of $4 Million makes you qualified to run the town?

4 What do the other candidates think about the McCormicks declaring bankruptcy and then stating they are qualified to effectively manage this town?

5 Can you say with certainty, and proof, that Dominick really lives in Harrison?

6 Can you tell us just how many properties you own in both your name and properties in other corporate names?

7 Which of these properties have been foreclosed upon.

8 What is the amount of taxes you owe to the town on these properties. What taxes were paid out of pocket by Steve and Maria (not by creditors protecting their interest's) during the past year.

9 What is Joanne O'Brien's view on illegal apartments and building code violations? What will she do if illegal apartments/violations are found in her ward? Does she think the McCormick's fine of $20,000. for illegal apartments/building violations was too low?

10 What does Gavini do for a living? What,if any experience in management or government does he have? Does he live in the ward? How many of his children is he raising? As a single parent does he have the time to be a councilman?

11 Do the other candidates feel that the McCormick's accepting $250,000 from Steve Adler and another $150,000 cash form another developer for their liquor license, will compromise their campaign? If ever elected, would they also take large amounts of $$$$ from developers and continue voting on issues concerning that contributer? Would they promise to follow ethical guidelines set by the state of NJ that forbid such illegal contributions?

12 How much money did Gavini, Rodrigues and O'Brien contribute to the campaign? Did they file, or make sure that someone on the campaign staff filed, the necessary reports required by law? In light of this call for transparency, will they demand that the contributions and expenditures become public immediately?

More questions to follow ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

If the 'F' Team Keeps criticizing Mc Donough on his past and recent decisions, then how can you say that these questions of experience and decisions made by the 'F' team, are not part of the debate? I think that discussion of these concerns is necessary so that the voter and taxpayer can make an informed decision. The 'F' team decided to attack the poster rather than deal with the questions....
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I have some questions for the Mc Donough Team.

1. Why have my taxes gone up sixteen years in a row?

2. How were you able to bankrupt the entire community under the guise of "redevelopment is good for Harrison?"

3. Why do you continually give out $100,000 a year jobs to people with no education, no experience, and no common sense?

4. With the town in such a financial mess how are you giving the developers thirty year tax abatements on all of their projects while taxpayers are getting constant increases?

5. When it came time to downsize, why did you pick on crossing guards instead of people in the town hall with big salaries and little work.

6. Why has my water bill become almost as large as my tax bill? Is it because you and so many of the council work for Passaic Valley?

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Guest Tired of McComics

As usual the McComics can say and expect to do whatever they wish and everyone else just picks on them. I think this poster has every right to question the McComics and crew on what they bring to the table. It appears they are all bankrupt on all counts!!!!

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As usual the McComics can say and expect to do whatever they wish and everyone else just picks on them. I think this poster has every right to question the McComics and crew on what they bring to the table. It appears they are all bankrupt on all counts!!!!

Even though there wasn't a debate. (Like that was gonna happen.) There was some useful information. Ray is lying big time about getting money from the NY Red Bulls. Yeah he billed them, but there's no way they are gonna pay because it says right in the contract that they don't have to. It was in the Ground and Stadium Lease in section 4. The Red Bulls as tenant "shall not be subject to real property taxation. In the event that such tax exempt status is contested, the Parties agree to jointly defend such tax exempt status." the "Parties" are the NY RedBulls and the HRA.

I don't care what Ray says, he lied to us. Like he's lied about everything else. Where does Ray pay property taxes? He doesn't pay them in Harrison! What do we get from the Red Bulls Stadium besides traffic? If they actually complete apartments next to the parking garage and the tenants are gonna have reserved spaces in the new garage - it will be like the world cup playoff day, every day in Harrison.

They don't want a forensic accountant in. They don't want a personnel director to be hired like their opponents do - so that we all have a shot at a job.

Maria and Steve were the only ones that said the stadium was a bad idea. They were RIGHT! They still are RIGHT, but we have to live with the 7 to 2 majority's decision to do it anyway. Ray, Jimmy and all the bobble-heads. Wonder how much Jimmy made in his side business.

Say what you want - I think it would be nice to have someone in who doesn't think they have all the answers in power. Look where it got us listening to Ray and Jimmy.

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I checked the record at the tax office. McDonough Pays taxes and is current at 114 Jersey St, his legal residence. Who is the liar here? Wrong again! 'F' is for failure ask Jonann should know, she gives enough of them.

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