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Ten Questions Right Wingers Cannot Answer

Guest Truth Teller

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Guest Truth Teller

Since Reagan took office, there has been a massive redistribution of wealth in favor of a very few of the richest Americans.







This has resulted in the greatest income inequality ever, even more than in the 1920s.






Some people are stupid enough to think this has happened because the wealthiest people have worked harder than anyone else. No they didn’t. All they did was leverage a system designed to make it possible for people to get rich leveraging the system. Along comes Bush and gives them an enormous tax cut. It didn’t create more jobs or more national wealth. On the contrary, the super-rich continued to invest outside the United States, while our manufacturing base - the backbone of our economy - declined.


Anyone with a brain knows you can’t build a stable country without a strong middle class. Since Reagan, government has been systematically destroying the middle class to benefit a few. In the end, even they will be harmed. How can anyone making a middle class income or less be stupid enough to continue voting for right wingers, mainly Republicans, who promise them lower taxes and then rob them blind with more debt and a system of laws designed to favor the super-rich?

These are real dollars, folks, and you're the ones being robbed. It's going to keep happening as long as you're too stupid, too lazy or too stubborn to see what's going on.

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