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John Campbell Bad for Kids!

Guest Oscar Hohlmann

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Guest Oscar Hohlmann

This little Napolean dude John Campbell is a disgrace to the Board of Education. He is just flat out bad for the kids. (Does he have any children?) He is only on the Board for self-interests. he has to go.

Case in point. What he has done to the Football Program is deplorable. Him and his Butt-Buddy PC (who also should be run off the BOE, and who also does not have kids and is only there for self-interests...) have literally come to games drunk, stolen jackets, and berated student-athletes while they were playing. Now, they take it out on the Equipment Manager by making sure the weak-kneed Athletic Director (who is the former Soccer Coach and also hates football) doesn't put him up to be re-hired. The equipment manager did a lot for the kids and made sure they had everything they needed, he is a good guy. The reason for their wrath is the equipment manager back the ex head coach and assistant coach when John Campbell stole the coach's jacket. Lastly, JC was Best friends with previous Head Coach RH who was terminated for substance abuse.

What does all this mean? Kids are suffering because of the actions of this individual. He is under investigation by the FBI as well as the State of NJ. His improprieties are too numerous to list. If he is not already out by then, we need to start NOW and make sure he is not re-elected come spring.

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