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* Residents Pack Harrison Council Meeting


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The Harrison Mayor and Council meeting was packed tonight with residents holding up signs protesting rising property taxes. The other side of the handwritten sign contained a copy of articles on Councilman James Doran's appointment as Superintendent of Harrison's schools noting his salary.

Mayor Raymond McDonough was not at the meeting due to an illness in his family which Councilman Doran described as a life threatening stroke. Councilman James Doran took over the running of the meeting.

With respect to the 4.5 million dollar infrastructure bond for the Harrison Commons project, bond counsel stated that Richard Miller, Michael Richman, and Mark Villamar would be signing personal guarantees but David Barry and Michael Barry were not signing individual personal guarantees but would be signing through a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). The rationale for not having David and Michael Barry sign personal guarantees was that the LLC had more assets than David and Michael Barry had individually. In addition, the personal guarantees have not been signed to date but will be signed on the date the bonds are issued. Councilmembers Steven and Marie McCormick moved to table the bond ordinance. There were not enough votes to table the ordinance.

Councilman James Doran accused Councilmembers Steven and Marie McCormick of placing phone calls to residents stating that if they attended the town meeting that "their taxes would be lowered." Councilman Steve McCormick responded that he had made no such calls and then turned to the audience and asked "are you here because I called you" to which the crowd of residents responded loudly "No" followed by an outburst from one resident that he was there because he couldn't afford to live in town after being a resident for twenty three years. The residents then lifted their handwritten signs protesting every increasing property taxes.

After attending meetings with a handful of residents, it was uplifting to see Harrisonians attempting to make their elective officials accountable. Ever increasing property taxes, the economy, and perceived corruption have all finally come together to awaken a very powerful group: the residents of Harrison.

Revised Agenda 09/01/2009 Meeting Click Here

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