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the letter she wrote, should have been the stance the observer took on the incident. That is how you write an educated, well thought out, informative letter, which answers peoples questions and brings a sense of calm to the community. Its called not passing the buck and I commend her for it. Because we all know the only people at fault is the criminals. Not the teachers who taught them in school, not the police, not their environment they grew up in...its their own fault..end of story...The paper should have stated that clearly, instead of blaming the police or society...but then again, I'm pretty sure no one actually reads the observer to get news..

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I'm pretty sure no one actually reads the observer to get news..

At this point, I read The Observer purely for entertainment. The paper has become a journalistic joke. Did anyone see Regal's dribble yesterday? Where did this woman learn to write?

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We finally get a reaction about the recent murder in town this week in the form of a letter from Councilwoman Barbara Cifelli-Sherry. It's a nice, classy letter - as she is a nice, classy lady (and one of the few nice, classy people on the council...)


Too bad she left the blinders on when she wrote it.

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im guessing by that you have your own reasons why it happend. Why not give them if your so sure?

Kearny has turned into a slum. A cruise down Kearny Ave is all the proof you need. Barbara doesn't seem to get it.

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