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One morning for a walk I notice alot of garbage lining the streets of Kearny Ave. Now I know everyone blames the town for this but I also notice that the town has supplied on average 8 or 9 garbage cans per block now that means one every 30 feet or so. That means if you finish your candy bar or can of soda you would not have to wait long before you find ove of these garbage cans but yet people use the ground, gutter, or even flower pots instead of the cans. Now to get to my point, as I was walking I was picking up some of the cans and bottles and throwing them away when an elderly man asked why I was doing it because the town should do it. I replied very nicely that they have done everything they could to get us to put the things in the trash but people just won't do it, and if the town were to do it they would have to hire more people beside they streetsweepers and the guys in the vacuum cleaner to do it in turn having to raise the taxes to afford them.

Now for the solution, if you see some garbage pick it up, I'm not talking stuff that looks gross just pick up a can or two. Or even better if you see someone littering ask them to pick it up and throw it out a garbage can is only a few feet away. Every once in awhile I see Councilwoman Sherry doing this to the kids on the ave and now they do it without her even being near by. I asked why she does it and she said that she takes pride in the appearance of this town and would do it even if she wasnt an elected official.

Even if you hate this town and want to move it benefits you to do this or to help out being potential buyers would see a beautiful clean town with friendly people and not just cans and bottles on the main street and might even offer you more money in the long run.

I'd like to see how this thread turns out into a political slugfest and moves away from the issue of picking up after yourself.

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:lol: I agree one hundred percent, but some of the residents don't understand that the town of Kearny DOES NOT pick up the garbage , it is contracted out to Cali Carting , and yes they (litter bugs) use everything they can for garbage except the garbage cans. I wonder what the floors in thier houses look like.
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