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2 more Officers Down! What is going on

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Latest on the next 2 Officers who were injure over the past 4 days......

One was assaulted while stopping a car and the other was struck by car and had to be taken to University Hospital?

How many more can we lose Mayor? get off your fat ass and hire more cops, let them know that you care about public safety and that you are not just another corrupt Hudson County politian!!!

As for the fued between the PD and FD "it does not exist" so which ever town official or worker who thinks that its funny to make tension between both departments, you're doing no justice for the people for Harrison who are selling thier children to pay their taxes!!

God bless those who serve and god damn those who hate!!!

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The Police turned in the supreme thief TANSKI. Don't you get it! He HATES the cops. You will go down to 2 officers per shift before he ever considers more police. The traffic posts are the only thing still intact. Better learn how protect your own keep. Word is gettin out that Harrison is easy pickings for the criminal element. Thats my opinion.

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